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Charlie Lewis

 Charlie Lewis , a student of God's Word,  has studied and taught for more than twenty years, that there is a special order,  a system on Earth whereby humanity can live and operate successfully, no matter what is happening around them. Their Family is living proof; Time , Truth and history will give us the answer to our own self-discipline.  Every species;  all animals and each plant has an origin, an order and a system by which God has given structure and "dynamics".


Charlie Lewis is an International Business Man who lives in Thomasville, Georgia with his wife, Fran (a Gemologist University Graduate) of more than forty-five years,  They have two wonderful sons, Zachary and Nicholas whose jobs form a team effort in the Kingdom Group bussiness which gives opportunities to 25,000+ agents.  Their wives Leah and Jennifer have each added two additional Lewis’, ZJ and Ben and Kaitlyn and Nick II, the four Lewis Grandchildren, are among the most beautiful and intelligent Grandchildren ever.

The Charlie & Fran Lewis Family operate several Enterprises but they function primarily as a National Distribution Company for many large insurance carriers. The Kingdom Group works with a base of approximately twenty-thousand Agents and employs several hundred Company personnel. Fran Lewis is a university Graduate Gemologist and has operated multiple Jewelry stores for more than thirty years, giving many people great business opportunities and jobs. Charlie and Fran find that team effort through business has given them tools by which they are able to share the Good News of Jesus Christ around the world.


The lewis Family is engaged in the Leadership of many community, social and faith-based organizations. international travel for them is extensive and they are always mobile., joining with friends and engaging in hands-on paticipation in humanitarian ,  faith and benevolent services,  extensively around the world . They follow up with commitment and are powered by Holy Spirit God, to make a difference in the culture of nations as well  as spending time  improving the quality of life for men, women and children, near and far  who are in need.  This is a "main stay"  we should all long for. Charlie oversees the Seeker's Fellowship in Thomasville Georgia. His passion is to see Christians around the world  join hand in hand to demonstrate the Kingdom of God.

  The teaching of --The Kingdom System, " A Pattern for Guaranteed Success", Kingdomnomics  "The Dynamics of Conduct and Behavior", and Kingdom Deployment, " Created Design for your Eternal Purpose" ---Deployed into society  will open new insight on how to change the Culture of a nation.  we are called and should be considered to be in this classification of God's Kingdom.  For this to  include us, we must learn to make proper decisions;  choose faith, not religion, wisdom not worldly education, and function according to God's  designed dynamics. 

The following are the series of books now avaliable.

- Available in English, Spanish, and Russian!