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  This series, authored by Charlie Lewis, the Kingdom System - "A Pattern for Guaranteed Success"  are not religious books nor are they books about religion.  Much that he will show and write about , is our Creator God.  This is not from a religious side or perspective, nor do these reports here have religious overtones. We find that religion has nothing to do with GOD !

Our God is not religious.  Our God is relational. Religion does not require a relationship.  Compliance to a prescribed listing of regulations will satisfy religion. In most religions people are at a place of Regulation and Compliance. These are presented for humanity to follow and to obey,  and there is a human component to judge humanity’s compliance and their  policy performance. This actually robs people of life ! Friends,  from cover to cover the presentation will  show clearly how humanity is to be in a vibrant, living relationship with the True and the Living God. These are books about relationship. We have to find and experience this relationship, to live in this"Guaranteed Success". Finding this will give you and your family,  your Best Year yet !

 We are shown that on the earth there are two Kingdoms, one King, and one who wants to be king, and we are repeatedly shown that there is an epic battle on the earth for humanity.  The scriptures show humanity how to follow the correct choice to be powered by this relationship with our Creator God. You're the one and I'm the one whose jobs are to desire this  relationship and pursue it. This relationship is open to every individual.

       In these books we discuss how the data or facts about the Kingdom System relate to each of us personally. How are our personal lives powered by  this system?  As we become students of the Scripture, we will view and exam, how we make this knowledge a part of the daily living of our lives.