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The Kingdom System

In the first book in the series authored by Charlie Lewis, The Kingdom System - "A Pattern for Guaranteed Success",
We will show people how to begin their journey for knowledge - the awareness of the plan, Wisdom - how that plan applies to you personally and your family, and the understanding - of how all of this fits into the plan for all of Humanity. This system is made for us! We will cover non-religious topics that will bring change to your life for good, if it is embraced. This book in no way is religious or about religion. Understanding this system has given me the Love for God and His Kingdom and what He has "in store" for us who believe. It took me years to grasp this Kingdom and it's system.
The content is so inclusive, I am still learning.
Everyone is looking for the key to success and a genuine sense of fulfillment. In our quest for guidance and understanding, the objective always seems to be for something that will make a difference in where we are and where we are going. We want to have influence in what happens in our lives. No one likes to be swept along helplessly and hopelessly. We want to direct the outcome or at least understand why things happen and what we can do to put ourselves in more desirable situations.

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