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KingdomNomics  In the second book in the Series Kingdomnomics - "The Dynamics of Conduct and Behavior",

We show how the opportunities of the Kingdom System relate to each of us personally. We find how we can engage this system in our personal life and how we open this knowledge and make it a part of the daily living of our lives. We find that the teaching of values and principles are more than information and report about laws involving regulation and compliance to follow. Often with the laws of man; people believe that they can get away with not obeying them without consequence if no one sees us or if we do not get caught.

This is not a religious book nor is this a book about religion. Much that is said here is about our Creator and our God, but this is not from a religious perspective nor does what is described herein have religious overtones. Religion has nothing to do with God. Our God is not religious. Our God is relational. Religion does not require a relationship. Compliance to a prescribed listing of regulations will satisfy religion. Regulation and Compliance usually with a human element to judge compliance. God’s Word, the Bible, the Great Book of Learning, the Book of Kingdoms or whatever you believe it should be called is not about religion. The writings or the scriptures are not about religion, nor is the book religious.

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