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Kingdom Deployment

Deployment In this third book of the Kingdom Series Kingdom Deployment - "Operating in Your Created Design for Your Eternal Purpose"

 We will view the facts that we have gained. We will show how this data (facts!) become the knowledge and the tools that we use to make this personal application to our life, and how it takes place in us, to become Wisdom for us. When people are open to understanding how all of this fits into our Creator's plan for all of humanity, this completes the relationship cycle of Knowledge, Wisdom, and Understanding. There is great frustration among humanity concerning the purpose of life. More than eight hundred thousand per year choose to end their own life. The primary reason given is that they have no hope and that they see no way out of their situations, their circumstances, and their painful relationships. Without purpose everything becomes unbearable. Purpose provides hope. We are creatively designed for an eternal purpose. Our lives are built around our employment that is based on a desired income. Perhaps we should consider our deployment (purpose) instead of employment and our outcome (eternity) rather than our income. Life on planet Earth is a very brief period in our eternity. Should we base our entire existence on our “in-time” experience without consideration of our eternity? There is so much more to humanity than our brief earth experience.

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