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The Author
Charlie Lewis
The Author
Charlie Lewis , a student of God's Word, has studied and taught for more than twenty years, that there is a special order, a system on Earth whereby humanity can live and operate successfully, no matter what is happening around them. Their Family is living proof; Time , Truth and history will give us the answer to our own self-discipline. Every species; all animals and each plant has an origin, an order and a system by which God has given structure and "dynamics".
The Kingdom System Series




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Lessons and Teachings
Lessons and Teachings
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Special Event
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The Kingdom System

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Welcome To Charlie Lewis

Charlie Lewis through The Kingdom System Series has studied an international profile of people, and reports that, through out history, Humanity has searched so desperately for something that will make a positive difference in the outcome of their lives. Even today they are trying to find opportunities that will allow them to be powered and directed in their outcomes. The Kingdom System is our Creator's plan and provision for this influcence (even in today's technology) and includes all the data we need to know. The Kingdom System is not religious. If we follow the instructions and become students of faith and the Great Book of Learning (The Bible), it will show us the greater side of  life and give us the quality time in  life that we and the world are longing for. It will give humanity the power to overcome. Much Truth is reveled in this series and confirms who is really Lord.